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How To Get To Maldives From China?

Are you looking for taking a China to Maldives resort vacation for your family holiday or honeymoon? You can read here necessary basic info about Maldives and best tips for your Maldives tour to have best experience. We shall discuss here the questions most asked by Chinese about visiting Maldives.

First and foremost, visiting Maldives from China is all the simpler in all regards like expense, traveling and flight. You only have to be careful when it comes to booking suitable Maldives resort and package for you. No worry, that is why we are here. We will help you both provide you ideas about visiting Maldives and get you suitable and comfortable packages.

Considering bird fly distance from your nation, Maldives is located around 4800 kilometers away from China. It consists of 1000 plus small islands. Majority of them are uninhabited and some of them are inhabited by locals. Also there are over one hundred heavenly private islands where luxury resorts are set up for tourists.

Maldives capital is Male where Valena International Airport situates. Maldivians speak a local language called Dhivehi but majority of them speak English fluently.
As for the currency transaction, 1 Chinese Yuvan will equal 2.2 Maldivian currency (Rufiyaa). But much transaction can be effected using US dollar.

China has embassy in Maldives. The address is as follows,
H. Nookurikeela, Dhunbugas Magu,
Henveiru, Male

Happily, Chinese need no VISA for visiting Maldives. Since all tourists will be granted a 30-days long on-arrival VISA once you finished checking out processes.

How To Reach Maldives From Japan and Booking Japan - Maldives Deals

If you are looking for a perfect travel experience from Japan to Maldives, you shall find all the basic and necessary information and tips for your Maldives visit. We give you idea about Japan to Maldives distance and flight details. Also, we are helping you find suitable Maldives honeymoon and family vacation packages for your tour to Maldives. Since we are perfect Maldives tour operators, we can show you both luxury and cheap price Maldives packages for your budget.

Maldives is one of the perfect travel destinations for Japanese with all its charm and luxury. Maldives is located around 7600 kilometers away from Japan. A direct flight from Japan to Maldives will take you less than 10 hour journey. Since there is hardly direct flight, connection flights would take you more than 15 hours. Average flight ticket price to Maldives is around 54,000¥ per person or even more for a round trip.

Japanese need no VISA to enter Maldives since all tourists are granted VISA on-arrival for 30 days, which they can renovate if needed.

Official language of Maldives is Dhivehi but majority people speak English better since it is a tourism-friendly country.

Currency of Maldives is Rufiyaa but you can make transactions with dollars as well since most shops accept dollars.

Japan has embassy in Maldives, the address is as follows;
8th Floor, Aagé Building, 12 Boduthakurufaanu Magu,
Henveiru, Malé, 20094, Republic of Maldives
Tel?(+960) 3300087

How to Choose Best Japan and Maldives Tour Packages - Sunny Maldives Reservation

Hi there Japan! Are you planning on taking a honeymoon trip or a family tour to Maldives? Certainly, you might be wondering about too many things in order to make your accommodation in Maldives the best. First of all, we want to congratulate you on picking the correct holiday destination for your tour, Maldives, and also reaching the right spot, Sunnymaldives, for booking your Japan to Maldives honeymoon and holiday packages.

We are one of the most trusted Maldives tour agents who can give you direct Maldives hotel packages at highly cheap prices. We can get you Maldives honeymoon packages and family vacation deals from five star resorts with exclusive offers and extra benefits, that too at affordable costs. The reason is we are tour agent from Maldives that works for Maldives alone.

Here we are trying to make you understand about what we are capable of giving you and what booking Maldives hotel is like from us. You can also refer to one of the prominent and trustworthy Japanese Maldives travel blog writing about our services and packages here,

Best Time To Visit Maldives

To be accurate, the best time of year to visit Maldives is December through March months which happen in summer in Maldives. Maldives tourism has basically two phases, namely peak season and off-season. The peak season is the months of summer in Maldives and off-season is the monsoon time starting from May to October.

Considering all the aspects, there is much more to the concept of best season to visit Maldives. It is more like a personal preference and disposition. We can’t say particular season is inferior or like. Each season and time of year has their own advantages for visiting.

Since Maldives is a year-round destination, you can have fun visiting anytime. However the so-called best season has much more going to its credit. We are discussing here various questions asked by travelers as to Maldives. To know more about perfect time for a Maldives visit and Maldives climate, read from here;

  • What is Climate in Maldives like?
  • Maldives Summer Season!
  • Best Season to Visit Maldives!
  • Maldives Weather December to March – Advantages of Booking!
  • Maldives Rainy Season – Monsoon!
  • Maldives Weather May to October – Advantages of Booking!
  • Best Time to Visit Maldives for Honeymoon!
  • Best Time to Visit Maldives with Family!
  • Best Time to Visit Maldives for Snorkeling & Diving!
  • Advantages of Maldives Honeymoon in Monsoon – May to October!
  • Maldives Weather Monthly
  • Climate Threats in Maldives!

Best Luxury Resorts in Maldives for Celebrities Holiday Destination

Why we suggest Maldives as the perfect holiday destination for celebrities?
The answer is quite precise - its luxury and beauty, also the supreme privacy those magical islands provide you.

Maldives is truly a luxury heaven which feast the guests on wild beauty and calmness of secluded white sandy islands surrounded by gorgeous blue azure shallow lagoons abundant in colorful tropical fishes. There await you on those private islands super-luxury resorts with five star accommodation with all the fun and jolly. Purely an undisturbed private moments for you with access to a load of fun and activities like water-sports, diving, snorkeling and fishing.

Celebrities from any field of fame can choose Maldives for their holiday celebration, honeymoon or personal get-away. You have a varied collection of top luxury Maldives resorts to choose from for your accommodation.

You might probably ask, 'why Maldives, especially when number of other luxury destination are there around the world?'

Nice question though, but the answer worth a million.

You can get what other destinations give you from many other tour destinations as well. But what Maldives gives you, you can't get it from anywhere else.

Simply put, why do you take a vacation or a tour? Certainly because you need some break! A break from ugly and tiresome day-to-day highly busier life which stresses you out. Yes, you are a celebrity. You are getting choked from all around. Your works and responsibilities and your fans and admirers. you need a get-away from all the busier atmosphere.

You might want some breathing space and want to live for yourself for a bit. Yes, all you want is some seclusion and calm get-away.

Do you think you can get such a life if you plan your vacation to other places other than Maldives. Then what makes the difference between your current atmosphere and the air where you end up on your vacation. Do you need the same huge buildings and huge crowds. And do you want to spend your vacation giving autographs to your admirers. You should not have a so-called busman's holiday.

That is why we are suggesting you Maldives. Only these blue lagoons and private islands will calm you down. Is there any turmoil or turbulent mind that a calm ocean can't cure with its buzzing lullaby? Nop!

Hopefully you know very much what a Maldivian accommodation will look like! It is purely private stay for you. There will be none to disturb you. You can walk out uncovered. You will have all the five-star luxury amenities during your stay with culinary experience of international varieties.

Here we are listing a few of the best of Maldives top luxury resorts that are perfect for celebrities. Many celebrities already have been here and rated them among the best. So you can choose them without a double check.

Keeping your privacy in mind, we only list the resorts with as few number of villas as possible and the resorts that have a single special luxury villa type that stands aloof from other villas on the island so that you are less likely to have even a tiny bit of nuisance.

What Is A Maldives Package Like – Maldives Travel Guide

Have you ever wondered what a tour package to Maldives is like? Probably, you might be eager to visit Maldives sooner and you may want to know about the know-how of taking a trip to Maldives for honeymoon or with family. You might think, “OMG, it is full of islands, that too far away from the airport, too many tourists, quite busier, how I can make my trip”. To be honest, no need of having even a tiny bit of tension or worry! Maldives tourism is hundred percent safer, comfortable, promising and systematic.

I shall discuss with you here about Maldives travel tips and each step of getting to your resort in Maldives and back to your home safely. I shall tell you how to act like in Maldivian airport and at the resort like you have been here multiple times. You should not have to ask what, which or how to anyone else in Maldives. That is what I mean with this scribble. Let’s start from the moment once your flight landed in Velana International airport.

How To Get To Maldives From South Africa

 Wondering how to travel to The MALDIVES ? Cruise from south Africa to Maldives or wondering about the south Africa to malidve flights.?    The islands of the Maldives lies strewn across the Indian Ocean, a tropical heaven for travelers, nature lovers and honeymooners. while travel from south africa to maldives Travellers are often lured by the immaculate beaches, and miraculously blue lagoons, while romance seekers are seduced by its sensational sunsets and water bungalows. south africa to maldives specials , The awe-inspiring islands consist of 26 atolls, which are spread across a vast area of one million square kilometres. Situated in the heart of this archipelago is Malé, the capital of the Maldives.

With its colorful buildings and bustling streets, this island city contrasts remarkably with the easygoing allure and idyllic landscapes of the surrounding islands, but is no less mesmerizing. Malé is a city that trembles with soul and surreal Maldivian city experiences. And of course, it offers the ultimate gateway to the many islets and atolls. People from all around the world choose Malé as the ultimate holiday destination; some even find themselves settling here. That is the magic of the Maldives.

direct flights south africa to maldives will get you to this tropical holiday destination within approximately 13 hours and 45 minutes. That is south africa to maldives flight time .
how to travel to maldives from south Africa?
Airlines depart from O. R. Tambo International Airport (JNB) and fly to Velana International Airport (MLE), also known as Malé International Airport. Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Air Mauritius, Kenya Airways, and SriLankan Airlines are the main airlines operating between Johannesburg and the Maldives.
Non-stop flights from Johannesburg to the Maldives are unavailable, but a connecting flight with one stop-over will get you to this island nation  
Book your flight in advance and get great deals on south africa to maldives packages , from our website, you can get special all inclusive south africa maldives honeymoon deals for couples on their honeymoon. 

South africa to maldives distance is 6,512 km
south africa maldives time difference is 3 hours , Maldives is 3 hours ahead of Africa  

Things to know before you travel to the Maldives
General information Essential details you need to know before your trip.
Country Maldives Currency Maldivian Rufiyaa Exchange rate 1 ZAR = 1.19 MVR
 Language Dhivehi
Hub airport Velana International Airport (MLE)
Time difference The Maldives are 3 hours ahead of Johannesburg.
 Travel adapter Type D & G
Travel documents:
 South Africans will need a valid passport and visa to travel from Johannesburg to the Maldives. A visa can be obtained on arrival.
 Airport information From Velana International Airport, it will take a 35-minute drive to get to the capital city of Malé.

If you are wondering about
south africa maldives visa  know that Maldives gives On arrival tourist visa  to tourists.
Through us, you can book, special south africa and maldives honeymoon packages, get to
travel from south africa to maldives on budget.

Maldives Over-Water Bungalow Vs Beach Bungalow Difference

Are you confused about which villa type you should book for your honeymoon packages or family packages in Maldives? Basically, there are two types of villas in almost every resort in Maldives. As a tour operator in Maldives and a tour guide for Maldives packages, we have been asked the same questions multiple times by our clients;

“which villa type is best for honeymoon in Maldives?”, “what type of villa we should book for our couple package in Maldives”, “in Maldives, whether water villa or beach villa is best for family holidays?”. Literally number of times, the same questions!

Now that some prejudices already exist in the field, your concern is pretty worth asking. It is generally believed that water villas are best for honeymooners and couple packages AND or for those who book couples packages, beach villas are the best choices. Is it entirely true?

It can be true! But not really! There is much more to add to this notion about selection of villas for packages in Maldives. Actually, it is all about your nature and taste. Both over-water villa and beach villa have their own pros and cons. You can read it out and listen to you mind, and then YOU decide which one suites your package and where to stay in Maldives for your accommodation.

Intercontinental Hotels Group's Maldives Resort to Open In Maamunagau in September!

Happy news for luxury life lovers!

For the first time in the soil of luxury, InterContinental group will open its own five star luxury resort in Maldives in September 2019InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort.

The IHG group of luxury resorts is truly gonna stun the Maldives with the introduction of such a top-to-bottom unique and alluring luxury resort into this lap of luxury.

In 2016, The IHG group had signed the management agreement with Hotel Properties Limited (HPL) to open a new InterContinental resort on the island of Maamunagau in the Maldives.

And with its grand release in 2019 September, this Maamunagau Resort will be this global luxury brand's pure entry into Maldives, as InterContinental Maldives Resort!

Beach Wedding In Maldives

Every one of us will have their own unique ideas about their wedding. You know one’s wedding can be one of the most cherished and auspicious moments in his life.

We would like to suggest you one of such ways to make your wedding ever memorable – wedding in Maldives.

Nowadays, the trending way of luxury and unique way of tying the knot is choosing Maldives as the destination for your wedding. Too many reasons are behind this trend.

Maldives is the world’s most attractive honeymoon destinations for couples of all ages.

Also, the amenities and facilities the Maldives tourism provides for honeymooners! The varieties and styles of ceremonies in Maldives! Attractive Maldives packages for wedding! Packages for other non-wedding ceremonies for couples like wedding anniversary and wedding vows renewals!

Of all these, wedding in the beach is hitting the trend quite because the novel experience it provides.

Wedding in Maldives is so customized for the guests in the matter of both facilities and packages.

You can choose which one should be the venue of your wedding in Maldives, like beach, under-water, secluded island, or in a dhoni/yacht at mid-ocean so on.

What sorts of complimentary amenities and facilities you want? You want maids and men as your attendants or you want to be all alone?

Anyway one thing is quite sure about wedding in Maldives; you are truly going to have some great time in Maldives. Though, wedding in Maldives won’t have legal value in your country, you shall get a provincial certificate.